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Superfood for your skin,
Superfood for your soul


Restore and protect the natural balance with powerful botanicals.

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The nourishing and luxurious textures & scents of ancient tribal remedies.

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An olfactory journey through the lands of Africa.

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Wellness &
Herbal Teas

The finest artisanal products, crafted by hand and heart in respect of communities and ecosystems.

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The secrets of precious ancestral knowledge.
Rare and hand-harvested indigenous plants from ancient tribal remedies.

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Fair and equitable sharing. We are because you are.

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A way of being, a way of seeing, a way of life.

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Scientifically formulated organic skin and body care harnessing the power of rare African botanicals.

  • Made In Africa
  • Certified Organic
  • Ethically Sourced


Terres d’Afrique has created five aromatic blends inspired by distinctive African biomes and evoking their characteristic scents.

Fynbos Crush

Lose yourself in the stillness of a Cape mountainside draped in morning mist. Listen to the fynbos crunch under your feet. Feel the peppery resinous fragrance rise and whisper its cleansing message through your body and mind. A new journey begins.

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Our Philosophy.
Nature Meets Science.

Nature gives us genius solutions. Science perfects them.

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