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Superfood for your skin. 
Superfood for your soul.

Nature gives us genius solutions. Science perfects them. Scientific rigor maximises the efficacy of these and other plant-based ancient indigenous traditional elixirs. The upshot: a sophisticated luxury range that is satisfyingly benefit-driven and powerful in its ability to restore and protect the natural balance of the skin.

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Our Seasonal Picks

  • Uplifting Serum
    Uplifting Serum - Terres d’Afrique
  • Facial Glow
    Facial Glow - Terres d’Afrique
  • Light Facial Cream
    Light Facial Cream - Terres d’Afrique
  • Antioxidant Toner
    Antioxidant Toner - Terres d’Afrique

    3.3 fl oz – $45.00

  • Omumbiri Body Butter
    Omumbiri Body Butter - Terres d’Afrique

    6.7 fl oz – $70.00

  • Resuscitate Hand Balm
    Resuscitate Hand Balm - Terres d’Afrique
  • Myrrh Body Scrub
    Myrrh Body Scrub - Terres d’Afrique

    6.1 fl oz – $67.00

  • Afrique Aroma Body Oil: Savannah Dew
    Afrique Aroma Body Oil: Savannah Dew - Terres d’Afrique

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